The internet is overflowing with information on all things health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. But…


So much of this information is unhelpful.


There’s information that just can’t be trusted. It’s written by people with little or no appropriate qualifications. So not only may it be unhelpful, it may even be harmful.

Then there’s the trustworthy information provided in the latest scientific studies. It’s great stuff but it’s just too hard to understand.


We need a source of trusted and understandable information.


MorHealth takes the trusted information you need and presents it to you in the way you want.

It takes well-established theory and the latest published research then deciphers and relays this in a user-friendly manner. It delivers this information in a Dose of MorHealth – a short and sweet vignette of around 500 layman’s words that you can easily understand and apply in your own life.

It’s written by experts who speak your language. Their unique blend of experience in both the academic and applied fields enables them to translate exactly what you need to know and how best to apply it.


Bypass the misinformation and take control of your health.


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